Carpe Omnious!

Doing the Columbus and back

For everything there is a first time.
Columbus was the first (European) to cross the Atlantic and discover another continent over there.

This december was also filled with a lot of first times for me. I also crossed the Atlantic for the first time in my life and discovered that there is more behind this endless blue. Just like being on a cruise ship spending Christmas on the beach with 30 degrees sunshine was definitely a first time too.
All of this was part of the Nomad Cruise, starting from Gran Canaria to the Dominican Republic. As part of this and for all its excitement for me, I wanted to keep track of the trip as most as possible and used a new app called Polarsteps, which you can easily use as a travel tracker, to show where you have been on your trip so far, write about it and show some photos.
And because I already wrote a lot there like a little travel log on the go and afterwards, you can just see it all embedded below or here in full.

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