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Working at a company with several offices around the globe has its perks!

Where else can you just travel to the Netherlands for a week to see the main offices of the company and still have enough time to do some sightseeing and just have a great time in general?
As one of the many new guys in the company this month, I got send over to the offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam to meet (most of) the rest of the company, get a lot of input about all the departments and get introductions in the product and general processes. All of has been quite exciting and a lot to take in, but was definitely an exciting experience, not just because Amsterdam and also Rotterdam are such interesting and beautiful cities.

After arrival at the (cute) Rotterdam airport, I went into the city to see an old friend for while and later took the direct train to Amsterdam to check into the hotel, that was already been booked for me by the company.
Besides long days in the offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam (and therefore even more back and forth between the two cities) I spend a lot of time just exploring Amsterdam, either just on my own, with colleagues or a very nice app I found for offline audio tours through the city. Of course there were also enough opportunities for social gatherings with new colleagues and visits to bars and more.

What I am most impressed about the Netherlands in general and Amsterdam specifically, is the excess of bikes and bike lanes in the city. Bikers are clearly the most dominant species in this country and therefore often have priority over any other traffic participant. This makes this city beautiful for cyclist to live in, but getting around of foot can get a bit dangerous if one is not used to the customs of the locals. Nonetheless did I love just walking around the city and being amazed by the huge lanes for cyclist, often wider and more abundant than car lanes!

Of course Amsterdam is quite exciting for itself, with so many tourist attractions right in the city center and obviously the canals, the red light district and all the coffee shops.
Rotterdam compared to that is quite different. Apparently as the city has been destroyed nearly entirely during the war, most of it has been rebuild and looks quite modern and definitely more “constructed” than Amsterdam. Still this contrast made traveling between these two cities even more exciting.

So after a week (mostly) in Amsterdam and another day and night in Rotterdam with awesome food and beer, I went back to the previously mentioned small Airport in Rotterdam and only three hours too early. Apparently there are people saying I have been a bit too “relaxed” with my arrival time at airport before flying, but this is of course highly exaggerated!

Oh, and by the way, I will report from Sardinia! 😉

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