Carpe Omnious!

On top of the City

So I’ve been here a week now and everything is fine. I guess…

The days have been very… diverse so far. Some of them more or less boring, just walking around town, exploring and getting way too much sun. I was also out with my new roommates (most of them are going back home these days unfortunately) and getting drinks or food or going up to the Park Güell as you can see in the photos above. I really like having a view over the city like that. but even more I really want to climb the mountains just behind the city one day. So much to do..

Last Friday was one of the more exciting days as I was trying to get some of the registration stuff done here with to get started with the new job. The best part was to meet the new colleagues in the evening and get some beers with them later. The office seems awesome and the people even more, so I am really looking forward to all this. I might even be able to start this week!

So now lets all just hope I’ll get just to the heat one might day!

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