Carpe Omnious!

Cuatro Semanas

I haven’t posted anything in three weeks, but a lot happened.

My first four weeks here are over and by now I got most of the annoying bureaucracy and other stuff sorted. On the one hand I’m kinda getting settled here, but it seems like my head hasn’t realized that quite yet. Might be partly due to my current state of living here, for which I cannot await to change soon, even to just safe my own food from thoughtless flatmates.

On the bright side, I’ve also just started working on my new place and the first two weeks were quite terrific and interesting. It’s never to start working somewhere new, especially with a company residing in several countries. But all the colleagues are most helpful  and I’m slowly getting into the project itself. It’s not easy for now, but I like the challenge so far and had fun so far.

We’ve also been out after work with the coworkers for beers and more. Last two weeks there were also several festivities in some of the districts here. Small stages were build for live music and even quite a lot of the streets were heavily decorated to different themes. All of the city seems to be at these parties and we had some nice nights out.

But unfortunately this current weekend I mostly try to not move too much, as I fell on my knee quite badly Friday night. So now even though I’d like to, I can barely walk and go outside.

So far the first month has been quite good to me here. It’s not yet the jolly life, but it’s getting better as I am slowly meeting more people and like the work. Now I just need a better place to live! 🙂

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