Carpe Omnious!


So my first two (whole) day here are over and I feel as tired as the day I arrived.

After a crazy night out with many friends and some worries I might not make it to the airport on time, there were some heartfelt goodbyes and even some tears (invisible on my side,  but there, I promise) and I hoped on my plane. After just about two and a half hours of nearly no sleep at all, I arrived around ten degrees warmer and sweatier.

Meeting the landlord and the new roommates was fun, but I was too tired for any real interaction, especially as the communication with the landlord proofed to be with somewhat complicated, due to missing language on both sides.

So after some of the best hours of sleep in my life I took my first real walk through the city now being here for real. I met up with my friend Claudia here and we went for a movie,  some well deserved cold beers and a wall on the beach.

I was really happy after all that to just fall onto my (not really) new bed in my (quite small and very loud) room and just sleep until I’d wake up from the noise outside. This city seems really loud, at least that street here. And the heat is killing me at night, even though I got a big fan in my room.

The next two days were mostly spend with walking around the city, doing some shopping and enjoying the sun (not so much the heat though). I really like going into a normal supermarket the first time in a new country and just shop for normal every day things. And boy do I love the Spanish food already!

But to also be honest, I don’t really feel “arrived” yet. Somehow my had hasn’t realized I’m here for good now. I’ve been here before and so far it just feels like another vacation. Of course I have to get some things sorted out here to get really settled, like getting registered and stuff. This apparently takes a bit, as bureaucracy is as bad here as anywhere else (Germany is not any better after all).

Who knows how I’ll feel in some days but for now it’s all just too much for my tiny head, I think.

And I need definitely need to take more pictures. This city is way to pretty!

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  1. Tati August 3, 2016

    “Somehow my had hasn’t realized I’m here for good now.”
    You are not alone with that kind of feeling. It is absolutely strange!
    Could you please send the sun over for a couple of days?
    It is raining here.
    All. the. time.

    • Mischa August 3, 2016 — Post Author

      Do you want me to install a huge mirror over here and point it towards your rain clouds, or what?! 😀

  2. Bölle August 3, 2016

    A teacher would say: spelling mistake “[…] my had hasn’t realized […]”

    A doctor would say: Don’t align the fan to your bed, it could cause you rheumatism.

    Greetz! 😉

  3. Hanna August 3, 2016

    Oh boy it feels so weird to live in your old room now. And it is also weird to not see you chilling on the couch playing video games. Miss you a lot! All the best, Großer! 🙂

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