Carpe Omnious!

Hello world …again!

New life, new place to live, new blog!

By now I should be sitting on my plane towards a better place. No, I don’t mean heaven. Well, maybe for a short time of course. But anyways, I guess anybody reading this here, kinda knows me and knows what I’m up to.
Starting a new life like this and leaving a lot of my former life behind me, really feels strange so far. Most of the time I try really hard not to think about all that I’m going to leave and there miss. Recently I spent most the time just looking forward and think about what the future holds for me. There is a lot am very happy about and look forward to. Barcelona as my next home town promisies a lot and the new job and the people there seems awesome. So what is there to worry about?

Well, of course I’ll foremost miss all my people, friends and others here! Over the years I meet awesome people and gained some valuable friends. And although I couldn’t see them all one last time today, I am happy to have every single one of them and hope to stay in contact.
Furthermore I’ll definitely miss Berlin as my home towm quite a lot. It will always be my home, but I just feels like I need to be somewhere new for a while, to be able to grow again. By far have I seen everything this city has to offer, but I still feel like there is more to experience and grow on somewhere new.

This feeling of uncertainty first arose when I lived in Ireland for have a year, and although not everything was as good as it could have been, the whole experience awoke a new desire for similar experiences and adventures.
Before considering living in Barcelona, I was actually thinking of doing some kind of work and travel thing in South America for a undefined amount of time. And although I might not to something like that immediatly, I still have that plan in the back of my head for later. Who knows what time will bring?!

Anways, I’ve set up a fresh WordPress blog again to also give writing about that another chance. Although I didn’t really have the feeling there was any interested in that the last time, it is still nice to just keep a log of all the stuff.
The design here is temporary (in the end it’s just the default template) and I will build my own theme (it’s my job after all!).

See you all on the other side!

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